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Genuine or not Genuine?

Genuine or not Genuine?

We often receive questions from our customers regarding the parts that came to them without genuine packaging. Buyers write something like: “I see on the main photo the part is with an original label, but I received a pack with the writing “Repacked from bulk by GoodState,” “how is that?”.

It is a common practice for many automobile manufacturers to pack small and inexpensive items in bulks of 5, 10, and so on. In general, manufacturers don’t pack every small clip or washer in an individual pack with an original label, probably because it is not cost-effective for them.

Displaying original packaging on our listings’ main photos helps us show that the part is genuine. We intentionally remove quantity from the original labels on the main images not to confuse our customers about the quantity of an item in a listing.

We sell many auto parts brands which pack particular items in bulk. Examples: Genuine Nissan Free Wheeling Hub Ring (part number 40255C600), Genuine Toyota MAP Sensor Oil Filter (9091711036), Genuine BMW Window Regulator (51338254781), and Genuine Hyundai Wheel Nut (5295014140), which is packed in bulks of 2, 10, 10 and 5 accordingly:

We repack such articles to sell by one and put them in plain packs with the label “Repacked from bulk by GoodState,” Part number, and Brand. This information is disclosed in every description to a listing in “General information”.

Dear reader or customer, I hope this article helps you understand that NOT ALL genuine parts can come to you in original packaging. But please be assured it is genuine if it states so in its description.